Tomorrow Never Knows

103 x 82 cms

oil on board



The Beatles have always been a big creative inspiration to me.

This portrait is of them in 1965 when anything seemed possible. They had conquered the USA music charts, received MBEs from the Queen and were about to embark on their most critically acclaimed music. Humour was always evident in their work, so this painting is very tongue in cheek in its patriotism, borrowing influences from the French Revolution as well as Russian and Chinese political posters.

In 1964 the Beatles posed in front of the American flag for Time magazine. In 1965 this image of them posing in front of the Houses of Parliament with Union Jacks, would not have been out of the question!

The Queen was an addition painted in 2015 at the request of the painting's owner. She is the perfect finishing touch adding to the surreal atmosphere of 1960s London

The portraits of the Beatles faces and figures are mostly based on photos by Robert Freeman.

The Queen is based on a photo by Dorothy Wilding.


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